Impossible is Nothing


This page created December 28th 2008

I’m Parthasarathy, passionate about computers, application development, open source software and worked here, here, here and currently here

In short Friends call me their “dearest” and others call me “you’re possessive”.

I’m a LAMP developer(PHP, MySQL, Javascript, XHTML, CSS, XML) over 5 years of experience.


Why the hell is this blog?

I’m afford to pay for hosting ;) .

Nope really; I like writing. So here’s my own stage to write all. After all you loose nothing just to check back once in a while for your interests. And I’m sure I can hold back here for regular visits. Check back soon.

My Works

Full AJAX application for vendor to consumer opportunity link; The consumer can pick the mobile phones for which the vendor able to trackback consumer for the requirements. Currently implemented for mobile phones and the vendors. It can be extended to banking, financial domains.

Full concept by Srinivas Chari

A base for discussing anything and everything through comments, votes. A modified version of the Pligg CMS.

Full concept by Srinivas Chari

A NGO started by my friend for child education and empower rural children and youth. I’m a small part in this.

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