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Dedicated to friends

November 28th 2009 in Uncategorized

We always say – “ No thanks and sorry between friends “, Because we feel that friends are aware of our feelings for them….But I believe sometimes expressing even the tiniest emotion can make anyone go high…

I thank all my friends for every thing …so this post is for all my friends for being there for me at difficult times and also at good times sharing my happiness, after all happiness gets doubled when its shared and sadness almost disappears when its shared..

Hey friend thank you for sharing your umbrella with me, when I was getting drenched,Thank you for getting wet in the rain just because I wanted to enjoy the rain ….

Hey thanks for sharing your lunch with me when I did not get mine …Thanks for helping me get the result in the lab exams..With out u I would have flunked! (Hey I am not a bad student, it was not just my day! )…:)

Thanks for not yelling at me, when I bumped your new bike into something on the road… instead you were supportive….Thanks for staying up late at night and talking to me when I was low….When u always sleep on time … hmm missing those days?

How about remembering the times we are sorry for…. huh ?….Sorry for forgetting your birthday or wishing you late on your special day… for not calling you often… for missing your phone calls some times and not returning the calls….. And I think the list can go on… sorry for disappointing you some times!

I am sure even you all are getting nostalgic… So why don’t u pass this on to your friends as way of expressing gratitude..

“People may not remember exactly what you did, or what you said, But they will always remember how you made them feel.”

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“Dedicated to friends”

Nice, touching article:)


gooood one..:)


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