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Selection process….

February 22nd 2009 in personal

Hi there…..if your thinking that this is related to interviews for a job ….well sorry to disappoint you….its about a process of which I have never read of in any blog….

Or may be u have actually read and that makes me a less reader of blogs (Some thing for me to think about ….hmm) …. ha ha ha

Anyways just thought of sharing this piece with people who care ….and this mostly relates to middle class families…. I guess….

Scenario: Girl has said ‘OK’ for the alliance…waiting for Boy’s (Rather family’s response)

Boy: She is good looking and well educated

FM: Don’t u think she is lean? (Or may be the reason is some thing else? huh?)

Boy :….( nodding)!

FM: Would not look good (Huh! what about other qualities dear member!)

Boy:…..(Thinking, well actually not …only nodding!)

FM: Let us look for better options (Oh yeah! U think all girls will like your boy! )

Boy: Well… ah… ok…. (Of course with the best possible smile)

After all the boy or his family members do not have any thing to lose….just visit,talk,laugh…. and leave!

Scenario: Boy has said ‘OK’ for the alliance…waiting for Girl’s (Rather family’s response)

Girl: He is over weight, and less educated

FM: So what he is still minting money and successful (Is that all required for a living!!?)

Girl: But I did not like him….(Sad)

FM: That u will gradually after marriage (Then no option dear!)

Girl: But….

FM: Come on….finally we have got a match… don’t say no… [Blah....](At least some body agreed to marry you!)

Girl: (Sigh!!)……(Nodding…)

The girl obviously is tired of going through the selection process, from dressing up to serving tea/sweets.

Any body thinks it’s unfair? Or all u people think that its life…. its part of the system….etc etc…?

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