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Inner Self

February 24th 2013 in Uncategorized

Sometimes I wonder, why does this inner self hide from the world?

The inner self which has gone lost amongst all the other priorities of life.

This self wants a break from everything else, wants go out and take a evening walk, wants time to hangout with friends, wants to catch a movie at the theater.

Sometimes wants to dance and sing, like it used to do, way back in college.Oh god ! It was fun! Old days don’t come back, but is it possible to relive those days. Is it possible to call that best friend of yours whom you never wanted to talk to again!! And have a chat like you used to those days, is it possible?

I think all it needs is lot of courage and pushing aside that BIG EGO.   Huh!! Guess it’s a never.

But this inner self never stops thinking about how life should be and how it used to be. It is still waiting for that perfect day to come out in front of the world, will it happen? May be may be not…..

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