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Quotes: #1

November 9th 2009

This would be a series of random quotes by random people that inspires and affects or kind of..
“If you’re needed and you’re not answering your phone, you won’t be needed very long.” – Sarah Smith

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Good friend Vs Best Friend

August 1st 2009

When your love fails,
Good friend: “Leave it.. She is not lucky enough to get you”.. and..
Best friend will say “Machi vaa Ponna thookuvom”(Come let’s take the girl)
Happy Friendship day guys..

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Selection process….

February 22nd 2009

Hi there…..if your thinking that this is related to interviews for a job ….well sorry to disappoint you….its about a process of which I have never read of in any blog….
Or may be u have actually read and that makes me a less reader of blogs (Some thing for me to think about ….hmm) …. [...]

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When you are in love!!!!

February 14th 2009

When you are near to her, heart beat raises from 72/pm to e^345/pm(pure adrenaline rush)
You want to talk a lot with her. But don’t know where to start and what to talk..
When someone asks something you foolishly make a smile(you won’t know that until they makes fun on this) and you are no where there [...]

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