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Inner Self

February 24th 2013

Sometimes I wonder, why does this inner self hide from the world?
The inner self which has gone lost amongst all the other priorities of life.
This self wants a break from everything else, wants go out and take a evening walk, wants time to hangout with friends, wants to catch a movie at the theater.
Sometimes wants [...]

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Quotes: #2

November 28th 2009

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” — John Quincy Adams

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Dedicated to friends

November 28th 2009

We always say – “ No thanks and sorry between friends “, Because we feel that friends are aware of our feelings for them….But I believe sometimes expressing even the tiniest emotion can make anyone go high…
I thank all my friends for every thing …so this post is for all my friends for [...]

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I wish…………….

January 10th 2009

We have all wished many times……………..times when things have gone wrong…times when things have come close to what we actually we wished….well may be not satisfied with what we get..Huh!!
Have you wished to get some sleep in b/w busy work schedule…. But couldn’t afford to live the desk even for a minute? Wished to [...]

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Hello world!

December 28th 2008

Hello world I’m blogging. Is any one there? you are not alone.

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